Marathi School

Marathi Education – the value added

Education is not a vain word for Maratha Mandir. Only within a year of its inception, the doors of Maratha Mandir Marathi School were opened on the 7th October 1973, on the occasion on Dasara, thanks to the initiative of Mrs D.B. Babajee.

Initially classes were run at Stratford College for standards I to VI but were subsequently extended to standard VIII. As from 1979 courses were dispensed at Louis Nellan Government School, La Louise under the leadership of Shri Sadanand Bhiwajee with Shri Dayanand Ladkea as School Manager.

The school has for more than a quarter of a century provided Marathi education to a considerable number of young members of the community. Manu students have obtained jobs as Marathi Teachers in government primary and secondary schools. Noteworthy, all our teachers having coached and who are actually coaching on Saturdays were former students of Maratha Mandir.

Besides the eight regular classes, Maratha Mandir Marathi School has also been conducting special Marathi courses for adults, CPE, SC and HSC students. Free English tuition at secondary level is also provided by an experienced graduate to the laureates of the Nov/Dec exams conducted by the Maratha Mandir Marathi School, as an added incentive to the best students.

Through their hard work, at least one of the students bags the reserved seat for Marathi-Speaking almost every year and is thus admitted to the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for secondary schooling.

The managing team has in recent years opened new branches and affiliations at Dagotiere and Glen Park so as to make the Marathi language more accessible to everyone. Besides language and literature classes, extracurricular activities such as quiz, storytelling, music, songs, drama, and etc.  are conducted on a regular basis as a plus to interested students.

Maratha Mandir Marathi School is opened to all Marathas. Give your children the opportunity to learn their language and have them enlisted at the earliest.