About Us

“Thou shalt be named Maratha Mandir and be the refuge of Maratha values”…Thus was the mission given to the association by the founder-president, Late Shri Bajeeram Babajee. Maratha Mandir has indeed been true to its name. Situated in the beautiful village of Henrietta in Mauritius, the association has as primary objectives the mission to preserve and safeguard the precious Marathi language and culture, handed over to us from generations by our ancestors. Guided by the advice of Sant Ramdas to Shivaji Maharaj: “Maratha Teekooka Meelwawa, Maharashtra Dharma Wadhwawa”, Maratha Mandir has been organising as many social, religious, cultural activities as possible with a view to unite our people.

With a dynamic team of members from the Head Office, supported by the dedicated Mahila Mandal, shouldered by the talented Artists Group, and helped by our experienced Marathi School teachers, the association has been excelling in all its endeavours whether being on regional, national and international level.

Inspired by the heroic deeds and valour of great men such as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Bal Gangadhar Tilak and the lessons taught by Maharashtrian Saints and the struggle for Hindavi Swarajya of the of other Maharashtrian great souls, members of Maratha Mandir are forever determined to work, to serve, to grow and forge ahead for the betterment of our community in Mauritius.