Mahila Mandal

A force to reckon

A women’s wing, namely the Mahila Mandal, was launched with the objective of regrouping all the ladies of the neighbourhood and channelling their individual talents under one roof to promote the feminine side of our rich culture. Thus, the Mahilas started meeting for barsaa, haldi and wedding ceremonies, bhajans sessions resulting in a parallel force that is shouldering the head office members till date.

The Mahila Mandal has been a positive force since its birth. A few of its recent accomplishments would be the famous Parampara Show dated some years back, which portrayed all the rituals during a wedding ceremony starting from ‘Outne’ to ‘Kanya Daan’ everything was displayed with utter details and precision in that riveting ballet.

Mahila Mandal also produced an Audio CD of locally penned lyrics and music composition, and it’s a matter of pride that even today people listen to these in almost all Marathi weddings in Mauritius.