More than anybody, the Maratha Mandir owes an eternal debt of deep gratitude to its Founder-Predsident, Late Shri Bajeeram Babajee who died in harness on the 17th April 1979, at the age of 58 years.

At the time of his sad and untimely demise, Shri Bajeeram was Superintendent of Prisons, to which post he was promoted in 1972. He joined the then H.M. Prisons Department on the 4th August 1944 and was made Cadet Officer in 1958, and Assistant Superintendent in 1961. Shri Bajeeram was born on the 13th September 192, at Chamouny village, to Shri Rama Babajee and his wife, Shrimati Savitree (born Bhawoo). To attend primary school at Chemin Grenier, the young Bajeeram had to walk eleven miles daily. In those days, education was a real luxury for modest families like the Babajees, but determination, hard work, seriousness of purpose and a spirit of sacrfifice made it possible for them to come up to very high expectations and set an example for more fortunate and well-to -do people to follow.

In fact, after completing his formal education, Shri Bajeeram could proceed to England to successfully follow a professional course in four domains, namely, Prisons Administration, General Duties & Prison Discipline, Probation Service and After-Care. Shri Bajeeram also bagged the Honours Diploma in Book-keeoing & Accountancy in 1952.

Despite his very demanding job, Shri Bajeeram was inspired to devote his leisure hours to voluntary socio-religious and educational work, particularly for the advancement of the Marathi Community. Amongst other things, he financed the education of a Marathi lad right through the latter becoming an Advocate.

Maratha Mandir most humbly places on record its profound homage to the memory of its exemplary Founder-President, the Late Shri Bajeeram Babajee.